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Photographs (a bit of something to suit all tastes)

When we first began in 2000 / 2001

david hall-green
After some try-outs in 2000, the Mystery Ghost Bus was launched at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in 2001, where it sold out.
After that we went countrywide. One of our first hosts in Johannesburg was David Hall-Green, ex-TV presenter of Police File, and ex-SATV newsreader.


smuts house
Creator, owner & host of the Mystery Ghost Bus, Mark Rose-Christie, entertaining a group outside Smuts House in Irene,
having just shown how something solid can appear from the world of the un-solid.

jamie bartlett
Apart from the live stories, there are dramatically recorded stories on the bus (eg: The Uniondale Hitchhiker), with haunted music & eerie sound effects.
The voice overs were done by South African director-actor-TV celebrity, Jamie Bartlett.


Erasmus Castle
Our routes showcase many historic buildings. Above is South Africa's most archetypal spook house, the Erasmus Castle,
known to Pretoreans as "Die Spookhuis" (The Spook House). It was used in the ghost movie "Hier's Ons Weer" ("Here We Are Again"),
starring Frederick Burghers, Al Debbo & Gordon Mullholland.


South Africa's only extant working 'atmospheric theatre', The Playhouse, Durban.
Many 'atmospheric' bioscopes (cinemas) were built in South Africa,
spanning the Art Nouveau to Art Deco period, the ceilings
often painted to resemble a starry sky. Four (4) were built as theatres,
some of then doubling as bioscopes.

Parapsychology (science of the paranormal)

Dust particles reflect light and are often mistaken to be orbs. Orbs actually glow and will thus appear on camera even without a flashlight.
This photograph taken by a guest, appears to be a fast moving orb. Mists & vortexes are also able to be captured on camera.

Corporate Team-Building guest amazed by her key bending due to the influence (PK or Psycho-Kinesis) of human forcefields,
collectively known as the Bioplasmic or Bioetheric force field, which also makes up the 
astral body (a.k.a. soul, spirit or aura).

Year End Party guest astonished by our dowsing rods.

For the serious Ghost Hunter

Media photograph (courtesy: Vrouekeur Magazine). This apparition in typical Victorian white night-gown & cap, is likely to be the 'Replay Ghost'
of James Goch, the first photographer in Johannesburg to use flash photography (magnesium powder). He owned the manor house 'Eikenlaan',
and was known to wake up during the night with a sudden inspiration and go down the staircase to his darkroom.
Replay Ghosts
are the most commonly seen ghosts, and 7 out of 10 people will see at least one during their lifetimes.

ghost lady

Several guests have photographed 'The Lady In Black', seen here gazing through the window. Armscor owns this building,
Erasmus Castle, which is unoccupied, and nobody is allowed inside. The original & eccentric owner of this castle in Pretoria (on the Irene version
of the Mystery Ghost Bus), Jochemus Erasmus, had several children. Some of them were lepers, who were incarcerated in the tower.

cape town
There are many types of ghosts. Those not mentioned on this page are Vardogers, Doppelgangers, Inanimate Objects, Single Apparitions
and Grand Replays (a.k.a. Timeslip,s in which an entire scene plays out). This guest photograph in Cape Town shows the ghost of a
little girl standing
next to the host, who was unaware of her presence. But, what is rushing up the stairs - perhaps an Interactive Ghost?

In Port Elizabeth several guests captured the same photograph on the same night, of a young girl dressed in typical Edwardian attire,
standing in what used to be the library of the
park villa, "Knockfierna" (today St. George's Preparatory School). It was in the library
that the owner of this manor house, the Irish-born John Daverin, would read fairy tales in Gaelic to his children.

Guest photograph in Durban at the Old St. Thomas Cemetery, where many of the 1949 Settlers are buried. We were talking about one of them,
Captain Gardiner, and a photograph was taken (left).
We then told the tragic tale of his daughter (also buried in the cemetery), who died at age 12.
At that point, another photograph was taken (right). Is that Julia in the middle of the photograph, slightly above mid-line, slightly to the right?
But, what is in the foreground - a mist (it's not a vortex)?

For the skeptic

Carte Blanche
When the TV programme crew of Carte Blanche joined us in Johannesburg, their anchor man, Derek Watts, concluded that the dowsing rods really do work
and was so amazed that he could not stop using them - the camera crew having to follow him all over the place at Zoo Lake.


Newspaper photograph of South Africa's most famous Poltergeist House, Port Elizabeth. After suffering 70 fires, and being razed to the ground on the 71st,
Superintendent Marcus Kelley  of the Paranormal Unit of the South African Police Services, found that the fires were caused by Poltergeist Phenomena
(R.S.P.K. or Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho-Kinesis), which hard-nosed scientists today are beginning to believe in.
The insurance company accepted Kelley's conclusion and paid the owner of the house out in full.

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