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Terms & Conditions (T's & C's), including Indemnity, apply to all our productions here

Some of our most authentic ghosts photos

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Our ghost photos are authenticated by our overseas photographic experts (who use pixel, light & shadow, lens flare & other analyses).

Top (L to R): 'The Lady In Black' (at heavily guarded empty venue owned by Armscor). Apparition in typical Victorian cap & nightgown, taken by a journalist attending one of our productions (courtesy: Vrouekeur Magazine). Thermal photo taken by a paranormal team during the making of one of our TV programmes, which is the ghost of a Sotho-speaking foreman in a tunnel, who accidentally fell into the wet cement during the tunnel's construction phase, and was thus buried alive (courtesy: SPITSA).

Bottom (L to R): Our host, unaware of a little girl ghost standing next to him, whilst something is rushing up the stairs towards him. Little girl in Edwardian attire (white bib, black dress with lower white frill), with short black hair (eyes, nose & lips promiment). Fast moving orb (orbs glow, whereas dust particles do not).

EMF spikes & 
EVPs occur at any time during our productions (when you join us, we shall show you how to download a ghost hunting app onto your cellphone to detect phenomena). Phenomena will always appear on these apps no matter what. Sometimes full apparitions (like those above), will appear on your camera. As per our T'c & C's we are not liable for your reactions to any phenomena.

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