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Public Dates

Mystery Ghost Bus
 Pretoria 20 March

Johannesburg 21 March
Cape Town 11 April

Mystery Ghost Hunt
 Parys Coming Soon

Mystery Ghost Dinners
None at present

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Some of our most authentic ghost photographs

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Real Pics 581     Real Pics 5     Real Pics 175

Top (L to R): 'The Lady In Black' at Erasmus Castle (Pretoria). Typical Victorian cap & nightgown, taken by journalist attending one of our productions in Johannesburg (courtesy: Vrouekeur Magazine). Thermal photo of worker who died in tunnel, taken by paranormal investigators during the making of one of our many TV programmes (courtesy: SPITSA).

Bottom (L to R): Our host, unaware of a little girl ghost standing next to him, whilst something is rushing up the stairs (Cape Town). Little girl in Edwardian attire: white bib, black dress, lower white frill, with short black hair - eyes, nose & lips promiment (Port Elizabeth). Fast moving orb (orbs glow, whereas dust particles do not) - taken by guest at one of our graveyards.

T's & C's
Terms & Conditions (including Indemnity), apply to all our productions here - where you must inform your guests of our T'c & C's too

All productions run by the Mystery Ghost Bus cc, owned solely by Managing Member, Mark Rose-Christie.
Bank Deposits vary per production, to be paid to Mark Rose-Christie, or Kyle Basson (marketing manager), where all financial transactions are controlled by Mystery Ghost Bus cc, and where we shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever if you pay any other parties other than the aforementioned, except for Ticket Purchases via Quicket and certain accredited agents whose bookings will clearly state that they require confirmation of said bookings by Mystery Ghost Bus cc via the email address MarkRoseChristie@gmail.com - Thus, for your own financial saftey, please do not make payment to any other parties.

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